Our Process

Welcome to Dement Designs, where our design process begins with thorough research and conceptualization. Our team dives deep into understanding our clients’ goals, needs, and preferences, ensuring that each project is tailor-made to a unique vision.

Collaboration lies at the heart of our philosophy at Dement Designs. We firmly believe that successful projects are the result of a strong partnership, not only within our team but also with the consultants and partners involved. By fostering open communication and collaboration throughout the design and construction process, we ensure that all stakeholders are engaged, and their expertise is valued.

At Dement Designs, we go above and beyond to create truly remarkable spaces. We understand that every city has its own soul and unique character. Our designers delve into the essence of each project city, immersing themselves in its history, culture, and architecture. This invaluable research allows us to infuse our designs with a genuine sense of place.

Whether it’s a modern curated multifamily high rise in bustling Downtown Dallas or a vintage industrial inspired Student living in eclectic Ohio, we ensure that each project reflects the distinctive vibe of its surroundings. From selecting locally sourced materials to incorporating regional art and design elements, we craft spaces that feel harmonious, authentic, and tailored to their environment. Our dedication to clients and commitment to creating unique and location-specific designs have earned us a reputation as an extraordinary interior design firm bringing places to life through our work.

During the construction administration phase, we take pride in providing timely responses. Our commitment to efficient project management and coordination is evident in every step of the process, leading to smooth execution and successful outcomes.

Exceptional services are also provided during the furniture procurement stage. We understand the importance of working within clients’ budgets and project timelines. Leveraging our knowledge of the furniture industry and establishing relationships with suppliers, we ensure that the furniture selection aligns with the overall design concept while meeting the client’s requirements. Delivery and installation are sourced locally, reflecting our commitment to supporting local communities and streamlining logistics.

One of the distinguishing aspects of Dement Designs is our dedication to incorporating artwork into every design. Our founder, Sara Dement, firmly believes in the transformative power of art. By seamlessly integrating unique patterns, forms, and textures, we create interior spaces with a boutique aesthetic that stands the test of time.

Overall, Dement Designs is known for its innovative and forward-thinking approach to interior design. By prioritizing research, collaboration, and artistry, we create spaces that not only meet clients’ goals but also exceed their expectations.